List of software tools I have found to be quite useful (the ones that are paid sometimes offer free trial versions, the ones that are both usually offer a slightly limited, but still useful free version):

Software Title Description Free and/or Open Source Paid
Bulk Rename Utility If you need to rename files in bulk, this is the tool.  Very powerful! X
UltraEdit The most powerful text and hex editor on the planet … bar none IMO! X
Irfanview Awesome small/fast image editor/converter. X
Gimp Awesome, extremely powerful photo editing software X
Calibre Powerful eBook manager and format converter. X
Ditto Very nice/handy clipboard manager. X
XWidget Desktop widgets that actually work and are still supported. X
Trillian Best multi-client IM/Chat software IMO. X X
TMPGEnc Best inexpensive, very high quality video converter. X
Roboform Best password manager IMO. X X
MagicISO Excellent, simple ISO management/burning software. X X
Internet Download Manager Best ‘Net/web video download software IMO. X Very nice photo editing program with free Chroma Key plugins available. X
Nexus Nice, free dock for Windows similar to Mac dock. X
AutoHotkey Amazing, powerful, free macro recorder/key (re)mapper for Windows. X
Attribute Changer Powerful, free file attributes changer for Windows. X
FileZilla Excellent, free FTP/SSH client for most platforms. X
Clonezilla Powerful, free disk/partition imager/cloner (runs from bootable CD/USB). X
DriveImage XML Another powerful, free disk/partition imager/backup program (runs from bootable CD). X
Oracle VM VirtualBox Powerful, free virtual machine software for most platforms. X
VLC Media Player Very powerful, media player/converter for most platforms. X
OneNote Most powerful (IMO), amazing, free note taking app for Mac/Windows. X
HTTrack Powerful, free, complete website downloader/copier for most platforms. X
Cheat Engine Super powerful, free, live/running application memory searcher/changer for Mac/Windows. X

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